Best Homemade Collagen Broths and Soup Base in Singapore for Babies and Adults

Add flavour to your dishes with our premium-quality homemade broths, collagen soup, and soup base for babies and adults in Singapore. Each pack of Souper Fond's collagen broths contains 100% natural ingredients that is nutritious and affordable.

Have you ever wondered where to buy the collagen soup base in Singapore that is best for babies and adults? Wonder no more. Try our products now.

We also deliver collagen broths to your doorstep anywhere in Singapore (except Tuas and Jurong Island).

Simmered for long hours

Simmered for long hours

Our collagen broths are simmered for long hours and then kept frozen in order to retain the gelatin and nutrients. Broths are limited for each delivery to ensure freshness.
100% Natural Ingredients

100% Natural Ingredients

Each packet of broth is made with 100% natural ingredients with no salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate (MSG), preservatives or colourings added.
Packed in 2 friendly sizes

Packed in 2 friendly sizes

100ml packs are suitable for baby meals or dishes that require small amount of broth and 500ml packs are suitable for whipping up soupy dishes.

Know Us


Souper Fond is a small family-run business that started with a mother's desire to reduce the time it takes to prepare wholesome, nutritious meals for her children.

We believe in reducing the time it takes to prepare meals so that you can spend more time with your family or doing whatever it is you love to do. We started out making broths for our own children, but soon realized that many busy parents were in need of more convenient meals for their toddlers.

Our mission is to help busy parents by reducing the time in preparing meals for their little ones. We make our broths in small batches and come in 2 different sizes: 500mls, which is enough for 2 to 3 adults, and 100mls, which is perfect for toddlers. All of our broths are made with 100% real ingredients with no salt, MSG or preservatives.

From the mothers - Customer reviews


My bb girl loves the soup stocks. We have used them thus far to cook noodles and porridge and she polishes them up. Thanks for the good quality stocks.

Ashley L.

A busy mum's wish when it comes to food for her little one: convenience, nutrition and that her child will love it. Souper Fond soup stocks ticks all the boxes!


Thank you for making soups for busy mums & for some clueless ones. My little one loves drinking it. Every time I make something soupy, she'll ask for more! It really saves me a lot of time! Latest addition, brown beef broth, 4 thumbs up! (mum and little one)


Enjoy ordering from Souper Fond. My baby has the broth in his food daily. It makes me feel good knowing that I am giving him something healthy. I get hungry myself when I smell it. There were a few times when I ran out of the broth and you went out of your way to expedite the delivery to me. This makes me want to keep coming back & order from you because I can tell that you really value your customers. Thanks for making it so convenient for us mummies.


If you are a working/ tired mummy who can't afford the time to cook and yet still want to provide the best for your family, I totally recommend stocking up your freezer with Souper Fond stocks that comes in super handy packs suitable for a toddler/ family! Thanks to having ready stocks in my freezer, I can easily whip up a meal for my child in 15 minutes. My must have in the fridge would definitely be the basic chicken collagen stock as it is so versatile and I can use it for Asian/ western dishes. Totally a lifesaver and I strongly recommend trying out the other flavors too!

Melinda W.

Bought the chicken stocks for the very first time, being someone who doesn't cook often and inexperience. The chicken stocks definitely comes in handy to help me prepare my meals with minimal effort. For those who are inexperience, this is your 1 stop "instant" stocks. For those who are experienced, cooking just got easier. Will definitely come back for more!

Fuzhen P.

Souper Fond is our saviour! Their soup stocks are so yummy, my LO loves it so much! And it makes cooking for the LO so much easier! They are one of the more affordable ones too! Highly recommended to all the busy mommies! Souper Fond soup stocks make the food you prepare for your LO so much nicer, easier to prepare and also your LO will get the nutrients too. Already our 3rd order and gonna order our 4th! The owner is super friendly and nice too! Thank you Souper Fond!