About Us

A mother's love from one to another
Souper Fond is a brand that started with a simple idea: making broths for busy parents.

We found that when we got home from work, it was hard to prepare meals for our toddlers. And so we started making broths based on our own family's favorite recipes. We found that they were helpful in reducing the time in preparing meals for toddlers, and gave us more time to spend with them. We started selling in 2020 and were surprised by the positive response it received. People were telling us how much they loved our broths and how much it helped them in their daily lives. They also said that they wished there was a larger size available so they could share it with more people! So we decided to create Souper Fond Broth in two different sizes: 500mls for 2-3 adults, and 100mls for toddlers!
All our broths are simmered for long hours to extract the rich flavours, which are then cooled and hygienically packed to preserve nutrients.  They are made with 100% real ingredients and no salt, MSG or preservatives!